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The Husky Pulling Harness.


No question about it! Team freedomstrength are devoted to strength and conditioning.  In just a short time we have become one of the largest importers and suppliers of strength and conditioning equipment and this is purely down to our devotion. Here at freedomstrength we believe in leading by example. Our equipment is used by team freedomstrength and by the professional athletes we have great pleasure working alongside of. Our experience tells us what every level athletes needs and if we cant find it, we make it!

The problem with resisted sprinting and heavy sled pulling is that there isn't a harness on the market to tick all of the boxes. Until now we have only supplied a low resistance harness which is ideal for speed training and a specialise truck pulling strongman harness. Apart from the obvious which is the load being pulled, the other difference was the time it took to interchange the harness between athletes. We wanted to design a load tested harness which can be used not only for speed training but also for pulling heavy loads with quick release fastenings.

harness prowler sled strong fast heavy speed crossfit sprint strongman fit fitness uk made

Working alongside a UK search and rescue equipment manufacturer we designed a test loaded harness that ticked every box. The plastic quick release buckles were replaced with 1.9t rated metal quick release fasteners, The harness was made by using an industry standard material used for making fall arrest safe working at height equipment. If this wasn't enough, we beefed up the D-ring to 1.9t and changed its orientation from vertical to horizontal. Every fine detail produced "The Husky" harness with a test rated loading of 1003kg.

Test pictures:-

sled heavy harness pulling speed strong crossfit powerlifting wigan tribal

Since its release the Husky harness is a sort after piece of equipment and would be a great asset to your training programme, the gym or your club. The Harness is being used with many professional clubs such as the Wigan Warriors rugby league club, Warrington wolves rugby leage Club and The tribal clash which is the largest european crossfit event. The husky will be the most robust,vesatile, and inexpensive piece of kit you will ever buy.

Wigan Warriors Rugby Football Club

Tribal Clash.