Nutritional Management

Nutritional Management

Whether its Sports Performance, Fat Loss, Weight Gain or General Wellbeing our Nutritional Plans are for you.

Becoming leaner, stronger, faster and fitter does not happen by mistake it requires specific planning and it always starts with the diet.

Our plans work for everyone with any goal if they are willing to put in the time to learn about their nutrition. It is not a fad, it is based on human metabolism and applied science. These diet plans are for people who are motivated and wish to make changes to their body composition. Dieting from higher body fat can be achieved without too much trouble, but as body fat lowers it becomes more difficult to lose it. Hormones start to change in a way that does not promote fat loss. At this point you are beginning to take the body’s last reserve of energy and it will fight to prevent this. It requires more care and attention and specific macronutrient set up to enable us to lose fat or add muscle while maintaining optimal performance in the gym

Nutritional Management Overview

  • Information on fasting for fat loss
  • How to manage sweets, treats and alcohol
  • Specific calorie intake for each day
  • Specific macronutrient intake for each day
  • Super foods for your shopping list
  • Macronutrients food groups making your choices of protein, carbs and, fats easier at meal times
  • The option to email us with concerns and questions at any time during your plan.
  • All adjustments to calorie and macronutrient throughout to maintain you the path to your goal

Once a plan is purchased, we will email you a client start up document to complete. From this information we will construct your plan. we will then email you a diet plan guidance document which will help you understand the process of this diet. You will also receive a document which will explain how we work together on a weekly basis and what we require you to do each week. There will also be your diet which will consist of calories and macronutrients to meet each day and from there we begin our journey to your long awaited goals.

freedomstrength Nutritional Plan

12 weeks Nutritional Guidance and Support


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