Powerlifting @ freedomstrength

Whether you are a first time lifter looking for a new challenge or an experienced competitor wanting to improve your total, we offer a precise evidence based approach for all abilities.

The freedomstrength guided programme is based around the 3 powerlifts (squat , bench press and deadlift). Our aim is to make you as strong as possible using excellent technique in these lifts.

If you are a new or an experienced athlete in the sport of Powerlifting, then we can help.

Commit to improving the effectiveness of your training with specific programming, goals and the tools to ensure success.  Our PL coaching team will keep you fired up and motivated through the grind to ensure you constantly progress.

Available services are:

Powerlifting Technical Coaching Sessions. These sessions are conducted at freedomstrength located in Oldham. A one to one session with our leading PL coach.

Powerlifting Online Coaching. A distant service that involves each client to be proficient in the three lifts. Feedback is given via skype and video analysis, along with your programming.

Powerlifting Online Plus. As above but with the added service of four sessions each month with our coaches at freedomstrength. This is our most popular service.

1-2-1 Technical Development.

2 Hour Session at freedomstrength for one person


Online Powerlifting Coaching.

Video analysis and programming. Price per month.


Online Plus

Online Powerlifting plus 1-2-1 session at freedomstrength for one person. Price per month.


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