Freestanding 14ft Modular Rig


The 14ft Squat Rig provides the base for any functional training set up.

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The 14ft Squat Rig can be used as a cost-effective solution for suspension training, a replacement for Olympic Benches, a small group training system with a variety of stations, or anything else you desire.


Superior Steel

Our squat rigs are built to last, constructed from high gauge steel tubing with a 3mm thickness they can withstand the heavy use of any commercial premise.

Personal Customisation

To ensure you have full flexibility with your squat rig, the system is compatible with a range of accessories, allowing you to use your rig for all sorts of applications.

Modular Design

The squat rig setups are completely modular in design, meaning it can be extended as your business grows and expands.


Contact us with your space requirements and training needs, and our design team will create a custom solution for you.


  • 8 x Basic Upright (250cm)
  • 4 x Basic Pull Up Frame (108cm)
  • 2 x Basic Pull Up Frame (168cm)
  • 4 x Monkey Bars (168cm inc logo)
  • 4 x J-Hooks (Pair)


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