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Freedomstrength® 24ft Free Standing rig.


Freedomstrength® 24ft Free Standing rig.  (FOR ILLUSTRATION ONLY)

Freedomstrength® Rigs are designed and manufactured to  commercial grade standards. The Rigs are manufactured using 75 x 75 x 3mm laser cut box section Steel. Totally modular in build they can easily be extended to create the Rig you desire. We have many attachments available such as safety arms, step platforms, Wings etc which will make the rig the most versatile functional fitness tool.​


Freedomstrength® 24ft Wall Mount Rig Includes:-​

  • 6 X 4ft Muscle Up Bars.
  • 10 x 6ft Muscle Up Bar
  • 6 x 4ft Support Beam
  • 10 x 6ft Support Beam
  • 12 x Main Legs
  • 6 x Pair of Heavy duty J ​Pegs.

​Additional attachments for this rig are;-

Safety Rails 

4ft Wing 

6FT Wing 

Step Platform 

Multi Height 4ft Chin/Pull Up Bar. 

Multi Height 6ft Chin/Pull Up Bar. 

​Dipping Horns 

The Rigs are Powder coated with a matt black finish. We can customise the colour if required for an additional cost. Please contact us at or simply fill in the online enquiry form to discuss options.