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Truck Pulling Harness


Freedom strength's heavy duty harness is the full package of strength development.

This harness can be used to pull sleds, cars and for the strong guys out there....TRUCKS

This harness can be used with light loads to develop explosive sprint speed and balance

once the speed phase of your training is complete

This harness can then be used for max strength development and will withstand incredibly large loads.

It has extra wide webbing to spread the force of the load across the full shoulder making it exceptionally comfortable for multi set pulling

The harness also has 3 attachment eyelets across the back. This gives the ability to attach multiple lanyards creating a better pulling angle and evenly distributed loads.

This truly is a fantastic piece of equipment....You will not be disappointed!!

one size fits all

Lanyards and karabiners not supplied.

This is harness only.

It has 3 points of attachment available. we recommend using all 3 eyelets when loading the harness. This will distribute the load across the harness webbing equally. This is in the interest of safety